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Addison collection with 1 products
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Ascutney collection with 3 products
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Aspen Forest collection with 1 products
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Bloomfield collection with 1 products
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Bristol collection with 2 products
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Echo Lake collection with 3 products
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Eggs collection with 3 products
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Essex collection with 3 products
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Hampton collection with 1 products
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Hanover collection with 1 products
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Hartland collection with 5 products
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Highgate collection with 1 products
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Marble collection with 1 products
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Nantucket collection with 4 products
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Norwich collection with 4 products
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Pure collection with 1 products
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Revere collection with 3 products
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Stratton collection with 1 products
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Trees collection with 14 products
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Warren collection with 1 products
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Weston collection with 1 products
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Woodbury collection with 5 products
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Woodstock collection with 2 products
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Since the beginning, Simon’s life has centered around functional, sophisticated design. Growing up in Ireland with a family of artisans, attention to detail and aesthetics were part of his everyday experience. At age 16, Simon began his craft as an apprentice at his father’s pottery studio. From there, he went on to work with notable glassmakers ...... Read More